I Think He Would Make a Beautiful Ballerina

Today was Anthony's 4th birthday and the end of Birthday Season in our house. I'm proud to say I survived. I'm a little more sunburned, a little bit fatter and I have a a brand new, ridiculously large playground in my yard that I may or may not have considered starting a bonfire with. In spite of all of that, I'm still alive and none of my grass is singed. To celebrate surviving the most exhausting season of the year, I'm going to stop baking cakes and start showering again. Also I might start taking some herbal supplements that help memory (I'll tell you what they are called after I start taking them and I can remember what they are called.) because I've already forgotten two things I wanted to say to you since starting this post and I'm only one paragraph in. If I'm this forgetful at 30 imagine how bad it's going to be when I turn 40. It's going to get ugly.

Since I spent my whole day preparing for, throwing and then cleaning up from a birthday party I thought this might be a good opportunity for a "how to" post. (or I'm just whipping out some pictures from Mallory's birthday that I never got a chance to share.) Before I continue I thought you might like an update on my Mother. She's doing well. The surgery didn't go as smoothly as the first one, but she's feeling better and made it to Anthony's party today. Also, she has what might be the world's biggest bruise. Seriously, it's big. She and her bruise could join the circus as a side act. She'd be the most popular act there. Until it healed. But it would be awesome while it lasted. As for the cancer, there won't be any news until late next week.

And now we learn.

Teaching Mallory how to climb a wall.

Step One: Fill a hallway with three grown men and one brand new six year old girl. Allow the grown men to reminisce about when they were young and used to climb up the walls and drop down on their friends during hide and seek games. Snap pictures of them teaching the little girl how to climb the walls.

He's got mad skills

Step two: Encourage the grown men to recreate their childhood. Laugh at them when they fail. Take pictures for the Internet. This step includes two of my favorite past times: laughing at other's short comings and taking pictures of people while they make fools of themselves.

Step Three: When it becomes clear that the grown men no longer possess the ability to climb walls of their own accord, suggest that they help one another.

Step Four: Take video of this. Share it with the Internet because you can.

Congratulations, you can now properly...actually I'm pretty sure we've learned nothing here. I'm going to be honest, I feel pretty good about it.


Punk said...

I can't stop laughing and replaying the video... JUST TO LISTEN TO JAY'S GIGGLE OVER AND OVER.

I love our family.

Oh, hey, congrats on surviving birthday season. Although, you know who's birthday is in twelve days, don't you?

Shell said...


I had to turn the computer so my boys didn't see so that they wouldn't try it!

blueviolet said...

These are grown men! OMG!!!

Sara said...

And this is what you show your husband when he says, "Give me one example of a time I set a poor example for our kids. One time!"

It does look fun, though...

So glad you survived!

just call me jo said...

My "wild" cousins used to climb in the door ways--something I was never able (or allowed) to do. I thought they were so cool. You guys are even better. ("wilder") You are a good mom. Now get in that shower, lady.

foxy said...

That is hilarious! I totally used to do that, but in doorways. They have a little bit more for you to hold onto.

Glad to hear about your mom. Will continue the prayers....

Ry said...

I'm embarrassed by my performance so i am going to go into hiding and reemerge in 1 years time ready to once again climb walls.

coach said...

I was never able to climb walls. No athletic ability what so ever. But I just had to try it. I failed miserably!!!!!!!!

tbsomeday said...

well, he's totally doing it wrong...you have to have your hands down lower
the giggle was pretty girly, lol
very fun--thanks for sharing!
i remember doing this...and did try it as an adult and failed miserable!!
i never asked for a spotter or giggled like a girl

glad to hear your mom is doing ok
a chance to join the circus, even if fleeting is something to get excited about!
praying for good news!

ps--let me know how those memory supplements work, lol

The Boob Nazi said...

What happened to blogging? I've been marking all as read, and I just noticed you've been gone a while.

Kathy English said...

This is too funny! I enjoyed the video of the "help", especially the giggle. Guess the guys have gotten more ticklish over the years?

Hey, by the time you're 40 (I'm 41) you'll be making LISTS so you can remember everything. If you can find a pencil, that is!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad your Mom is feeling better, and lots of prayers going up about her cancer! And how cute is that video anyway...never a dull moment, I'm sure.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Too funny! I don't have a proper hallway in my house to climb or I may be tempted to test my own spidey skills.