A (very wordy) Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)

You know how some people do, like, a wordless Wednesday? I've considered doing that before, but let's be honest, to successfully achieve a wordless post you have to be able to take nice pictures, and being able to shut up helps too. To further make this "wordless" post a failure, it's not even Wednesday. Talk about epic fail.

They are so going to take my bloggy license away for this. Oh wait, this is the Internet. I can do whatever I want. Terrifying, isn't it?

Last year I took my kids (and dear, thirsty, long-suffering husband) on a hike at Kaaterskill Falls. I posted some amazing cell phone quality photos from that hike so this post is kind of like a repeat of that post except that you can actually make out what is in these pictures. Oh, and my kids are a whole year older and could actually hike by themselves.

Climb Every Mountain
Swim Every Sea...

Oh, Kaaterskill Falls, you bring out the Maria Von Trapp in me. I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to run through the streets with an empty suitcase and guitar case singing about my future, and I might even make some killer clothes out of curtains all while stealing a widower from a Baroness.

Aah, good times.

This photo is less Sound of Music and more orphans from Oliver Twist.

Kids like these are the reason I don't carry any valuables while I hike.

See? The girl managed to wrestle my camera away from me. She pulled a knife on me. 
And that wasn't even the worst of it...

Once we reached the top, the stoning began. 

Fortunately for me, small children are easily confused, and he threw all the rocks away from me instead of at me.

This picture is a lie. She looks so excited to be up in the beautiful mountains. She's just completed a hike, seen the tallest waterfall in New York and then thrown rocks into it. But her excitement is actually because she's leaving all of that behind. She can see the road from there.

You know, kid, you are going to thank me for this one day. I'm not sure why. I'm just saying that because it's what mothers are supposed to say after we force our kids to do something that's hard for them. Just so we are clear, on that to be determined future day when you do thank me, I'm going to say, "I told you so."


Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures! Your commentary cracked me up (grin). "stole my camera," etc.

just call me jo said...

Yes, I too have trouble with wordlessness. But your words are really quite funny. Thanks.

Ry said...

anytime you blog and show me pictures of the kids...it makes work a little less crappy. that is all.

tbsomeday said...

lol--you funny girl!
i hope you never do a wordless anyday...your words are the best part....okay--your pictures were pretty good too! specially with the cute kids

Amanda said...

You can do anything on the internet, including pretend like your daughter enjoys hiking!

Heidi O said...

Glad someone got to see a waterfall since my daughter was mad that we only saw a creek. My poor deprived kids living out here in sin city. hmm I guess I could show her your shots of a waterfall. Maybe that will tide her over until we can go hiking again and actually make it all the way to the waterfall.

PS Happy Birthday, late

Sara said...

Ha, your daughter sounds like me.

My friends once made me take a mini-hike in North Carolina and I was so pissed.

I've never been so happy to get back in a car and drive 10 hours.

Dione said...

How about you try a Wordy Wednesday? I've been trying the Wordless Wednesday (and pictureless too) but no one ever comments. Huh?

I just learned that my brother & his little family are moving to New York. I'm still waiting for the details, but I'm thinking I've got one more excuse to visit!