It's My Birthday. Love Me or You Could Just Send Cash. I'm Cool With Both.

Dude, this past week has been brutal. I know I haven't blogged much. It's not because I don't have anything to write about; I simply haven't had the time. I mean, right now it's 12:30 am where I am, and the only reason I'm blogging is to shamelessly gather birthday love. That's right. I have finally made it to the big 3-0. I bet you are super-excited (mostly because I'll stop talking about it).

Last year I shared how I planned on spending my birthday. I'm not really feeling energetic enough (it's amazing how one year can age you so much... have I mentioned yet that my back is sore?) to put together a cute and funny post, but I will tell you how I plan on spending my day.

Sssh. Listen up.

Do you hear that?


Yes, I plan on having a quiet day.

I will not throw a huge party in my honor during which I would have to dress up. I will not wear spandex or polyester. I might lie and tell someone I'm turning 80. I'm still undecided about this.

I might educate my children. I might mow my lawn. I might even put together a real blog post for you guys. I'm not really sure what I'll feel like doing, but I feel confident it will involve me wearing sweatpants.

So to recap, the plan is to have no plan and to wear loose fitting cotton pants.

I'm pretty excited about it.

Happy Birthday, Everyone.


Punk said...

It is now 1:18 a.m., and this is the 3rd time I'm saying this: Happy Birthday!

I call this "Birthday Love" -

Kathy English said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope your back will soon feel like it's 18 again and not 80.

tbsomeday said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
i LOVED turning 30! it was like i was suddenly respectable...when people would ask i would say it with much pride and wait for them to be awed :)

lol--love the plan with the elastic pants and love the picture at the end..very festive :)

JadeLD said...

Enjoy your birthday it sounds like a great thing to be doing with your day. My birthday was a few days ago and we had to move out of our house - not so fun.

We're now at the mercy of friends and family for a few weeks before our house is ready. Good things come to thost that wait! But I wish I could have had a chilled out day like you! Happy happy birthday and many happy returns.

Have a lovely day,

Amanda said...

happy Birthday! Thirty, how exciting. I hear you're that much closer to dying now. Cotton pants sound lovely right about now. :) Seriously, hope your day is really nice -- or was -- I'm behind on blogs.

foxy said...

I think that sounds like a lovely way to spend your day.... ;)

And as for the educating. You'll be doing that when you show them how best to spend a birthday.


Ry said...

Happy Birthday to both Bethany and Lance Bass from n'sync fame. May both of your days be filled with good times and conclude with the warm embrace of the men you love.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Happy, happy birthday! I hope your year is great! (And be like me: tell them you're 26. . .again. . .and see if anyone notices. . .but if they laugh, go all ninja on 'em!) : )

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I hope your birthday was perfect. Welcome to the 30's. It's nice over here.

Dione said...

It's cool that you and Nacho Libre wear stretchy pants for fun! Happy Birthday! I feel much better knowing you're in your 30's and I'm in my 40's, rather than me in my 40's and you in your 20's!

Sorry, I have a habit of making it "all about me" and here it is, your birthday. I know I'm late, but your birthday isn't over in the blogosphere until you post again.