Confessions: Because Cancer Sucks

So my mom's cancer sucks. I'm just saying. It's all up in her lymph nodes. Which is completely inappropriate. She's a married woman. There is only one person that should be all up in her boobs. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
That being said, I didn't want to write another heart wrenching post because they wrench my heart and I'm sick of them. What's more, I was thinking to myself. WWMMW? (What Would My Mother Want?) Or need for that matter. Well after spending her days soul searching and dealing with the hysterical masses followed by nights of heavy drinking ( I kid, in case you hadn't figured that out.) I thought my mom might be in need of a good laugh or a simple pick me up.

One year ago I found myself in need of a pick me up and decided to do a confessions post. For those of you that don't remember those are really just excuses for me to post pictures of Trent Edwards. I do that because looking at pretty people cheers me up.

So Mom, I would like to encourage you to exercise your right to claim that it's five o'clock somewhere and pour yourself a glass of wine. You can even drop a Valium in it if you want.

Johnny doesn't need an excuse to drink and neither should you.

These confessions are yours:

  • Before there was Team Edward or Team Jacob, there was Team Angel or Team Spike. While my mother found Angel dreamy,
It was only when Spike walked on the screen that she would "Woot!" That's right my mom wooted. 

  • Once upon a time one of my mom's friends (it's important to note that she was a highly intellectual woman) confessed that she married her husband because she thought he looked like Luke Skywalker (I'm not making this up.) My dad was so Paul McCartney. Not the old Paul McCartney that married Heather Mills but the young hottie that was in the Beatles.
  •  My mother once walked out of the church bathroom with her skirt tucked into her pantyhose. That's just so precious it's its own punchline.
  • Whenever I'm sad or down Jessica sends me pictures of beautiful men and I feel all warm and  happy inside. So tonight as I set about to write a post that would be foolish and useless so that my mom could meditate on these things for 30 seconds this morning, I asked Jessica for help. This is what she sent me.

Well played, Jessica, well played. Even I feel better after that.


Anonymous said...

I really do feel better after reading this post! And as hard as I tried could not help but woot when seeing Spike's picture.(a little woot escaped my lips over Brad too) You have succeeded in cheering me up this morning and Shoes Say I love you is the greatest post ever!!!( that reminds me that Dad should buy me new shoes) I love you so much!-mom-

Amanda said...

shoes heal all wounds!

If your mom is anything like mine, and it sounds like she's not going to let that stupid cancer win because cancer blows!! I loved this post and love that she wooted. Hope she's feeling better soon!

foxy said...

Cute boys always make my days better. And can JDepp be any hotter?? Geez.

foxy said...

And BIG HUGS for your mom.

Sara said...

Oh, the men of Buffy...

Now, Spike and Angel had the corner on the bad boys, but I had the occasional crush on Xander for being goofy and well-intentioned.

Then Riley came along and everything fell to shit.

just call me jo said...

There's nobody cuter than Brad Pitt at that age. (He went down hill from there though.) I love your mom's story and the shoes. I'm going in for another mammo in a couple of weeks to check out a "suspicious area." I'm trying to think happy thoughts. I'll post Brad on my mirror. Best wishes to your mom. A trooper!

Dione said...

:( and :)

Hugs to you, Mom, Punk... everyone!!!

Ginny Marie said...

I love the post about the shoes! How awesome! Now she's going to need a new pair of shoes for every mammogram...

Cancer sucks, and unfortunately I know first hand. And second hand. (My mom and I both had breast cancer.)

Oh, and go Team Spike! He was hysterical! Angel was always so broody.

tbsomeday said...

aw honey, i'm sorry
cancer is evil
you all deserve to wallow in heartache for awhile...i'm sure in no time you will all be up fighting

i did enjoy the visual candy
and especially your mom's shoe post
your parents obviously share something very special
i didn't know they did foster care--what beautiful caring people
(lol about the rent to own kids)

my bloggy love, prayers and hugs to you and your family

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

wow. I'm not sure I could stand the humiliation of your cheering up. ; ) You have made my day better, however.

hugs to you and your mom.