I Can Do Anything I Want. Represent.

Last week I went to Target. (Your on the edge of your seat already aren't you?) I waited in line to pay for my Raspberry Iced Tea Mix. I know what you are thinking, a new house and Iced Tea Mix. I'm with you there. I was pretty sure that once we started paying our mortgage I'd have to grind up my own tea leaves and raspberries, but turns out Lipton powder is cheaper than that.

The woman in front of me in line was maybe 60ish and she told the cashier that she spent her winters in the Caribbean. Because I lack class I interjected jokingly that I might be a little jealous of her. She mentioned that they had only recently gotten electricity at her house on the island and as she talked it became more and more apparent that she and her husband were not vacationing on the island but living there. Much like you and I live in our houses here. They took care of their yard, fixed their house up how they wanted. As she left she looked back over her shoulder at me and said, "You can do anything you want."

I thought it was a nice reminder that we can do anything we want. For example, Saturday is Jessica's birthday and I feel confident that you want to swing by her blog and leave her some comment love. Everyone should get comment love on their birthday. (it's cheaper than actual birthday cards) If you feel that comments lack the personal feel of a card might I suggest that you add something personal of your own like a picture.

Jessica, you may hate me for posting this, but you should be thanking me. Jay looks so much worse then you in this picture that your disgusting "see food" picture almost looks cute. Oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your day be filled with people who fall over themselves to make you feel like a fairy princess or at the very least may no one make you mad.


Dione said...

Too bad you and I don't live in So Carolina so we could throw her a BBQ in her new back yard... with grass... lucky!

tbsomeday said...

you crack me up missy
yes, we can do anything we want...that was insightful advice from that lady
i really like your title with the represent after it, lol--your sense of humor sits just perfectly with me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jessica!! i too hope everyone makes you feel like a fairy princess...cause that what birthdays are for

Amanda said...

I'd think a house in the Carribean would be way better than a house in the states. And I also dont' want my husband to find out he can do whatever he wants or our budget is going to be in trouble!

Sara said...

I did some "see food" today.

It felt good.

Kathy English said...

I lack class, too. I do like the woman's comment, "You can do anything you want." It's true! Though in some instances, there will be consequences :-)

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Did she say which island she lives on? Because that would make a HUGE difference as to whether I would want to live there...
I do think I would like living in the Dominican Republic but I have yet to start on my Spanish.


Nice work on the picture and if Jessica gives you a hard time about it, you can always remind her that the lady at Target who lives in the Carribean told you that you can do whatever you want.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Do you think the fact that you were at Tarjay and not Wal-mart made the advice more believable? Because I gotta tell you, just because Thelma Lou is dating Billy Jim Bob after her sister Sally Sue divorced him, doesn't mean I believe her words of "I can do anything. . ."