Drinking Mocha Lattes Will Get You Into Heaven

In the month since we've moved here, we've had guests over at least eight times. Honestly, I lost count. On a few different occasions, we entertained one set of guests in the afternoon and a different set at night. As you can imagine, all these guests make unpacking a breeze. (That's code for: I'm still not unpacked, but I've done an amazing job stuffing all my unpacked boxes in my garage so that no one sees my shame.) So when CeCe (that's the friend I'm trying to marry off to Trent Edwards) called and asked if she could come by, I said, "I would love it if you came by. How do you feel about helping me unpack my garage?" And she was all, "That sounds rockin', but how about we go out for coffee instead?"

"Out for coffee?" I said. "Is that like when you leave the house without kids and a husband and sit with a girlfriend in a public place and talk about fingernail polish and puppies?"

"Why, yes, yes it is." she replied.

While I was still a little shaky on what this "going out with friends" thing was about, it did sound familiar so I changed into my good sweats and flip flops and grabbed my Prada knock-off purse for this adventure.

Being the wild party girls we are -- you know, the kind you don't take home to mama -- CeCe and I then drove a whole five minutes to the local Dunkin Donuts. You know it's a crazy girls night out when there's caffeine involved. Now, I've made no secret of my love for Dunkin Donuts Iced Mocha Latte Lite. If you recall, I expressed my love in letter form once upon a time. My crazy knows no bounds. In my defense, I was probably high on caffeine at the time. This trip to DD was different then trips in the past because as I guzzled sipped my latte, I saw proof that Dunkin Donuts cares about your soul.

Dunkin Donuts produces "How Do You Take It?" tracks. Are you familiar with the concept of tracks? They are the little paper pamphlets you get from someone who is trying to tell you about Jesus. They are usually full of information on what Jesus has done for us and how we can get to heaven. The DD track is full of information on the variety of coffees that they carry. I briefly considered taking a handful and going door to door in my new community asking people if they knew Iced Mocha Latte. It's a shame my garage is such a mess. If only I had more time, I could have changed people lives for the better.


Kathy English said...

Oh my goodness. Poor you! I remember well the moving-in time when we lived up north. We had company ALL THE TIME. We sometimes felt like the train station or something. "Just for the day" visitors, and overnight visitors - and while there were lots of times we were frustrated with it, looking back, it was fun to see everyone. I do wish your visitors would take an hour and help you unpack, though!!!

Ry said...

i was under the impression you were all unpacked....I will now make it my personal mission to help complete this task with your family....(right after you host me for dinner, and a sleepover of course)

just call me jo said...

At least you have people that will stop over. I know no one here that would even want to have a latte with me. ;o) Get some one to help you unpack. Unpacked boxes make me itchy. Wish we lived closer and I'd love to help.

Amanda said...

Shame how you let unpacked boxes get in the way of saving souls one coffee at a time.

Ins't it amazing how when you say you're moving people are all, "oh great! Let me know how I can help" but when you actually need help, nobody is available.

tbsomeday said...

lol--glad you got out
if you can leave it in boxes for 2-3 months you might be able to just ship it on to goodwill or something :)

Sara said...

Now that is a leaflet I would take, read, memorize and then pass on to another in hopes that they would find the same happiness.

Dunkin Donuts forever and ever.


Dione said...

I want the tracks that are all about the doughnuts! I wish I were there to help you unpack. I'm pretty good at it, thanks to my gypsy upbringing!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I think my husband would leave me for a dunkin donuts girl. We're not really coffee drinkers, but everyone in our family appreicates a good donut. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a very attractive krispy kreme man. . . : )