The Productivity of Procrastination

It is my hope to have our downstairs completed in time for the start of the school year. Since that time is quickly approaching, I began to nag patiently pressure my darling husband to help me with this task. He, of course, agreed to help, but before we could get started he made me agree to watch LOST with him.

All. Six. Seasons.

And then July was over. Not that the month was a complete waste. It was a month full of intrigue, mystery, suspense and Jack face.

We learned about the mystical Jackface and it's many purposes. It is appropriate to use when you are angry, shocked, happy, confused and dead.

We also learned that fat people love chicken.

This insight answered a lot of questions I had. Not about the show's story line, but about my waist line. Thank you, writers of LOST, I feel such clarity now.

Once Jack Shepard had successfully saved and killed the appropriate people, I said to Matt, "So we are going to work on the basement tomorrow, right?  

"Sure," he said, "We'll get started on that tomorrow after I drop the neighbor's dog's great-aunt's owner off at the bus station."

 By the time he got back, Mallory had informed him that today was the first of August. Apparently this means we need to go for a hike. Since we let the six year old call the shots around here, we went for a hike at a local preservation.

We walked the nature trail singing about the first day of August. I gazed off the edge of the rocks into the water and reminisced about that time that Sawyer and the bullet ridden Kate cliff jumped so that they could catch their flight. Oh and remember that time that Jack made his Jack face while Kung Fo Pandaing (yes I made that a verb) Locke? Oh this cliff brings back so many memories.

The point of all of this is: my basement is not done. Shoot, it's not even started, but I've experienced LOST, hiked with my kids, written this incredibly life-altering post and made big plans with Matt for Friday. I suspect said plans are just another of his procrastination ploys to distract me from the unfinished basement, but I don't care because Matt is taking me away to a place I've wanted to go for years. I'll tell you all about it. But first I'm going to get some sleep.


tbsomeday said...

lol--glad you've accomplished some other very important things :)

my boss was a lost junkie
i watched a couple early on...but was already "lost" and scared of the smoke monster

Ry said...

Amanda said...

This post is my idea day..catching up on TV whilst avoiding other things is pretty much my life!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

again, your evil genius is apparent in your use of the horrible pictures. I'm giving my mom strict instructions to never let you near my high school photo albums. . .assuming you ever come to my home state. . .although that might suggest stalking, so perhaps I shouldn't stop at just the photo albums. . .

coach said...

Ryan that is now my desktop backround. Heck yeah i did it!

Ry said...

LOL awesome matt.