That There Is Some Bad Hair

So I'm totally back from my philanthropic expedition to India. I feel good about my time there. I adopted all the orphans they had and then fed them using only a banana and a kids healthy eating cookbook. I'm like the MacGyver of good deeds. I realize that about now you are thinking to yourself that I'm amazing and you wish you could be as awesome as me, but here's the truth. My trip to India was totally selfish. I needed a distraction. What did I need to be distracted from you ask? (Yes, I do realize that I'm conversing with myself. If you'll excuse me I'm going to answer myself now.)

Football. Or rather the lack thereof. You see even though they only play games in the fall, there is really something going on in the NFL all year. After the season is the postseason, then the Super Bowl, the draft and finally OTA's and minicamps. After minicamps the teams "break" for five weeks. It's like a deafening silence falls over the NFL. It's so inconsiderate of them to vacation. To add insult to injury Coach Hackman decided to not name a starting QB until Training Camp starts. So now not only am I left writhing in agony over what kind of hairstyle Trent will bring to camp, but also will he even be playing?

After five weeks of suffering, I finally got all my answers today. Yes, Trent will be starter through training camp. As for his hair:

 You cut me deep there, Trent.

Where to start? The borderline mullet? The sideburns? Or...or..the goatee?  Part of me wants to believe that his face looks like that  because they ran out of razors in Western N.Y. and he had no choice, but that two inch patch of skin between his sideburns and goatee give him away. He did this to himself on purpose.

Obviously I couldn't just let this slide. I had to set him straight.

You can see it in his eyes, Trent was a little hurt by my honesty at first. But then we talked it out and it turns out the "hairstyle" is a good thing. If you remember, last year I told him to keep growing his hair because his hair is the key to winning a Super Bowl. I might have forgotten but Trent is still holding the faith in his hair. Since I started this I have to respect that, but Trent, the goatee and burns?  My best guess is he must have lost a bet or something.

For those of you that are worried that my feelings on Trent's hair caused a rift between us, you can rest easy. Once we straightened out the whole hair fiasco, I made sure to mention to him that he had a nice tan. 

And it made him happy.

Now if he could just get some of that hair off his face, I'd be happy too.


tbsomeday said...

oh, the drama :)

Ry said...

I respect Trent just a bit more right now. Hopefully the hair and goatee has made him ready to throw the ball down field.

Bethany said...

@Ry, you would respect bad hair. I actually said to Matt last night it's like Trent was going for the Sawyer.

As for throwing downfield, let's hope that his O-line makes him ready to throw downfield.

Anthony just thought your profile pic was Trent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not into football, but I think this Trent guy is kinda cute. . . in a sweaty hair sticking to my face sorta way.

To ease the pain of our disagreement on goatee man, I have a versatile blogger award for you. See it Here:

I don't know anyone with your wit! I'm still waiting for the perfect moment to share your "doctors should use jazzhands" comment and impress them all before I forget it. I am that age now that things slip thru the cracks.

Dione said...

In describing Trent you failed to mention his Peter Brady bangs. I wonder if he grew the facial hair to remind the ladies that he's a man - seeing as though his hair looks a bit boyish...

and then he smiled ~ ahhhh

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

You are an evil genius and the NFL is not paying you nearly enough, you know, considering the new followers you're creating. Your intimate knowledge of trent is remarkable--perhaps he'll soon listen to you... : )

Sara said...

Wait, did you for serious go to India?

And yes, let's shave his head.