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Oh, I did it. I totally signed up for Twitter. I'm such a lemming. First a blog and now...Twitter. I haven't actually tweeted yet. (I believe that's the proper lingo.)But as soon as I have a bowel movement, twitter will be the first to know. You should follow me. Follow me to your socially acceptable lemming death.

I wonder if lemmings make a horrifying sound when they drown in masses. Let's ask wiki. "Oh, great wiki, do lemmings scream like shrieking eels when they die?"

Wiki says, "Lemmings do not commit mass suicide. They simply have strong biological urges that cause them to migrate to a cliff and jump off. They then swim to exhaustion and then drown."

See not suicide. They aren't despondent at all. I bet they have a very nice upbeat demeanor's. Probably very pleasant...for rodents. They simply lack endurance. Perhaps they should grow their fur out like Trent and Samson. I'm telling you this long hair thing is going to catch on.

That is all.


Punk said...

Am I still a lemming if I sign up for Twitter only so my oddball sister will have a follower, though I have no intention of tweeting?

Dude, you threatened Fabio and you totally went there. This is me shaking my head and sighing.

Shame we couldn't find a video clip of shrieking eels. That would have been sweet.


Dione said...

How come I've never heard of a lemming before? Thank you for enlightening me. I just read the entire Wikipedia definition for lemmings. Now I need an opportunity to use it in a sentence, which shouldn't be hard since I'm also on Twitter.

coach said...

NO idea what you were talking about but I love you still. East Siddddddddddddddddddddddddde!