There's Nothing Wrong With Using Double Proctection, Darth Vader

I was lazy today. Even lazier then usual. The main drawback here is that I have nothing to talk about. Jessica suggested I do a wordless (or less wordy) post. I'm not good at that but if you were hoping to swing by today and see a picture, here you go.

If you think that two helmets are excessive then you missed the post about how toys get treated over here. *Kareem you will be missed*
As a side note: this picture is filed in my computer under weird stuff. For real.

Today while I was -- I don't know what I was doing, washing dishes maybe... Yeah, let's go with that because it makes me sound better then if I were, say, wiping boogers on my kids.

So today while I was washing dishes, my phone rang. I see a name I don't know on the caller ID and roll my eyes and answer it even though I'm sure it's a wrong number. We get a lot of bill collectors that call for the Stacy's. I don't know who they are, and I really wish they would stop giving my number out to their bill collectors. Although in all fairness it's kind of genius to give a fake number to people who want money from you. I'm sure those bill collectors will never find you, Cheryl and Thomas Stacy.

Anyway the conversation went something like this

Me: Hello

Her: Hello, Bethany? This is Tracy. My mom is Lisa.

Me: (Still completely unsure who I'm talking to.) Oh hey.

Tracy: I need to do some field hours for school and I wondered how old Mallory is or what grade level she is.

Me: Um, she's 5, but she's working at a first grade level.

We discussed grade levels for a few minutes and then she went on to explain that she has to work with a child in the field of literacy and could she work with Mallory? At some point she actually says, "I know Mallory loves to see us." I agree, and she's coming over on Monday to work with Mallory. I'm not sure what they are going to do; Mallory is an excellent reader already.


After we hung up I called my mom's house and spoke with both my parents and neither of them had any idea who Tracy was. I IMed Jessica, and still no one knows. I hope to God I recognize her when she knocks on my door on Monday. I really hope she's not an ax murderer. (Other forms of murderers are OK, but ax murderers I can't handle.)

I'm going to be so embarrassed if she reads this blog and shows up on Monday and mentions it.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you really have to call and let me know who this is.I can't imagine that none of us can recall who this is but she knows us.Well,at least knows you and Mallory. mom

Jessica and Jason said...

How interesting. This feels like the part in the show where I call out "Don't go down that dark basement stairwell all alone and with no electricity!" I may also need to hug my knees to my chest and rock back and forth a bit.

just call me jo said...

Eew! This person could be some crazed blog-stalking pedophile, lady. I suggest doing a scan of your local sex offender registery for a perv named Tracy.
Don't let her in. Call the cops. Arm yourself.
OK, now I've just gone over the edge, but still, I would conduct some kind of entry interview...seriously.

foxy said...

OMG - that is SO FUNNY. Dude. Like "My mom is Lisa" qualifies her or something. Well, i guess it did, huh? I'm gonna start using that myself.

Bethany said...

Her identity has been revealed.

Actually I ran this story past Matt's mom today and "Tracy" is Matt's cousin. So no ax murderers for me.

Grilled Cheese said...

I am looking forward to Monday's post. I really hope you recognize this gal.

I mean, if you still don't know who she is, you could pretend to have a brain fat and say, "Man, I was trying to spell your last name a few days ago and it just escaped my mind. Could you spell it for me?"

This could work, unless her last name is Jones.

Spot On Your Pants said...

Love it. Some guy named Rufus ordered a shit load of coca-cola for the county fair. Then gave them our number. Then they gave it to the distributor, the delivery truck, it was awesome. Consumed an entire week of my life. Loved that YOU played along though. Genius.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

One day a girl called me and identified herself at the very moment that one of my kids yelled. So I asked, "I'm sorry. Who is this?" I still couldn't understand the name but she kept talking to me until the phone cut off. I thought that maybe it was a wrong number and she hung up but, no, she called back. I admitted that I still hadn't caught her name. It's Angie. The phone number is local and I still can't place the voice. She doesn't sound like the only Angie that comes to mind.

Finally, enlightment comes. It's my sister-in-law in CA using her cell which still has a local number. Talk about embarrassing!

In my defense, the connection wasn't good. And I rarely talk to her over the phone.

Dione said...

I'm guessing for a minute there you were wishing you still called her Bella!

I'm glad you figured out who she was. But it's too bad for us. It would make for an interesting post tomorrow!

Ms Bibi said...

So Cheryl and Thomas you say? I'll pass on your message ,lol.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

c u Monday!

; )

(totally joking)

(seriously, it's not me!)

The Survey Star said...

What a wild story! And I am loving the Vader image, will have to show my kids that one.